FCC Fee Increase Notification

Starting on Sept 11, 2014, the FCC has raised its regulatory fees for all new aviation licenses and renewals, increasing from $150 to $300 for a 10 year license.

With immediate effect, the total FCC charges for 10 year aviation licenses will now be $430 (including the FCC’s $130 application fee).

Please note that ASRI fees have not increased, we also publically filed opposition to the FCC increase on behalf of our aviation customers.

For more information, please call ASRI at 410-266-6030.

Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc.

Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc. (ASRI) manages and coordinates radio communication licensing for the aviation industry in the United States and all U.S. territories. We are responsible for managing the Aeronautical Enroute VHF Spectrum and the Long Distance Operational Control (LDOC) HF Spectrum, which are used for operational control of aircraft. ASRI’s Ground Station Administration Service (AGSA) provides frequencies for aviation business purposes to customers who have FCC-approved radio equipment. ASRI assist customers with new frequency assignments, modifications and license renewals. Currently ASRI manages the licenses for over 6,000 ground radio stations. ASRI also performs 1,000 radio station inspections per year to verify compliance with the FCC Code of Federal Regulations.

In addition, ASRI Licensing Assistance service provides frequency management services and assists customers with FCC applications and renewals for other aviation related licenses such as UNICOM, GSO, ARRAS, AWOS, RCO, Microwave, and Handheld radio systems.

ASRI is also the worldwide International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) registrar for all Selective Calling (SELCAL) system codes. SELCAL is a radio calling system used by ground station radio operators to initiate communications with aircraft. ASRI manages the issuing, annual verification, and decommissioning of all SELCAL codes.


Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc (ASRI) new location as of January 5, 2015 is:

New Address
180 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 300
Annapolis, MD 21401

New Telephone & Fax
Main Phone – 410-266-6030
Web Fax – 443-951-0349