How to Order Services

ASRI® Ground Station Administration (AGSA) Service

The AGSA service is for aviation business customers (e.g., airlines, fixed based operators, corporate aircraft operators and helicopter operators) who have FCC- approved radio equipment and need a license for a VHF Aeronautical Enroute ground station frequency.

Selective Calling (SELCAL) Service

  • To order a SELCAL code, please complete the SELCAL Request Form.
  • After submitting this form, you will be transferred automatically to PayPal to pay the SELCAL processing fee.
  • Payment must be made through PayPal, and you can use any of the authorized payment methods—including major credit cards.

You are not required to have a PayPal account for this transaction.

  • As part of the process, you will receive two separate confirmations:
    • A confirmation for the completion of your SELCAL Request Form, and
    • A payment receipt from PayPal.

It is important to ensure that you receive both confirmations.

  • ASRI will process your SELCAL request after it receives both your Request Form and confirmation from PayPal that you have paid for your order.

ASRI® FCC License Assistance Service

ASRI can help you navigate FCC processes and can perform tasks on your behalf. We can assist with FCC license applications, FAA coordination, and insuring compliance with other regulatory requirements for radio systems and services. This includes business radio and microwave systems.

  • To request FCC license assistance, please complete a Service Request Form and describe your requirements in the free-form text box at the end of the form.

After reviewing your requirements, ASRI will contact you with a quote for the project. As requirements can vary for each request, license assistance projects are priced on a time-and-materials basis.